Epiphyllum “ Zeus “ Hybrid [ BLOOM SIZE PLANT ]


Registration Number: 12924 By Galen Pittman in 2005,Hybridized by Richard G. Latimer Sr. It’s a cross of ‘Black Light’ X ‘Tele’. This is the most amazing extra large flower bloomer.If you are Epi lover,you must have Zeus add into your Epi collection.


Another exotic epiphyllum Zeus variety has a extra large flowers bloomer in spring.Inner petals medium orange with deeper orange edge and throat and cerise inner edge.Outer petals narrow curly are orange with darker orange mid-stripe open wide between 7”-10”.Zeus is flat growth and growing well in hanging basket.It’s fast grow and easy to take care similar like most of any epiphyllum hybrids. Partial sun is perfect.


Zeus is a bloom size plant and plant growth inside an 8”hanging basket pot size.


All plants encloses detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant.And plant will be shipped inside an 8”hanging basket pot.