Epiphyllum “ Raspberry Ribbon “ Variety [ PLANT IN BLOOMING,GROWTH INSIDE 10" HANGING BASKET ]


Registration Number: 08673, This is the most amazing extra large flowers bloomer. If you are “ Epi” lover, you must have “ Raspberry  Ribbon “ add into your “ Epi” collection.


Another exotic variety has a extra large flowers bloomer inner  and outer petals light purple with slightly raspberry, with orange mid-stripe, petals narrow and pointed and long petals with flaring flowers blooming. It’s simply a wonderful flower.

“Raspberry Ribbon” variety plant is take up 3 years to produce the flowers for the first time bloom. Partial sun is perfect, stems can be growth up to 3’ to 6’long [ depending plant condition ]


This is beautiful bloom size plant and plant growth inside an 10” hanging basket pot size.


All plants enclose detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 10” hanging basket pot size.