Epiphyllum “ Pink Plumes “ Variety [ PLANT AVAILABLE NEXT SEASON ]


Registration Number:06482,in 1978 by Ethel M. Hurst, Hybridizer  by Wressey Cocke. It’s a cross of “ Ruby Snowflake X Tassel “ This is surely to be one of the most amazing bloomer X 50 times you will ever have in your “ Epi” collection. [ WORTH AND HARD TO FIND ]


Another exotic variety that have amazing and unique inner bloomer in bright pink with tiny white mid-stripe. Outer petals bold rosy with orange blending together. “Pink Plumes”is defiantly the most variety you should add into your “Epi” collection if you are have a passion for orchid cactus. “Pink Plumes” variety is small narrow stems form growth and very slowly growth than any epiphyllum variety I have in my collections. How to take care is similar like most of any epiphyllum variety.”Pink Plumes” variety plant is take up to 3 years to produce for the first time bloom. 


This is beautiful bloom size plant and plant growth inside an 8”hanging basket pot size.


All plants enclose detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 8” hanging basket pot size.