Epiphyllum “ Pink Flair “ Variety [ Similar to ‘Pink Plumes’  variety has small narrow stems form ] ***BLOOM SIZE PLANT***


[Unregistration with ESA.It’s an old variety that has seen very little distribution.This is beautiful and exotic variety to add into your collection.If you are “ Epi lover “]

This is an amazing variety ‘ Pink Flair ‘ has a large flowers bloomer in dark pink with light pink mid-stripe inner petals.Outer petals narrow pointed in dark pink.Many stamens style like firework and light green throat.Flowers bloom in summer and open last for 3-4day.Pink Flair love to growth in hanging basket pot.Pink Flair very slow growth but easy to take care similar like most of any epiphyllum hybrids.Pink Flair plant take up 3 years to produce the flower for the first time bloom.Partial sun is prefect, light watering once a week from March-October and November-February let plant rest but make sure soil not completely dry out.


This is beautiful bloom size plant and plant will be shipping inside an 8” hanging basket pot size.


All plants will enclose detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant.And plant will be shipped inside an 8"hanging basket.