Epiphyllum " Irette " Variety [ BLOOM SIZE PLANT ]


Registration Number: 07903 by Thomas D. Harmon and hybridizer. It’s simply flower bloomer but powerful color. I would defiantly add into my “Epi” collection.


“Irette” is amazing variety that has a large flower bloomer with a strong color violet with darker yellow mid-stripe. Inner and outer petals bloom like spidery, narrow and pointed strong petals. “Irette” plant has a unique stems form stiff and distinctively wavy growth."Irette” plant take up 3 years to produce the flower for the first time bloom.And growth well in hanging basket pot. Partial sun is prefect, light watering from March- October than November-February let plant rest but make sure soil not completely dry out. Temperature minimum 45 degrees plant should be cover or brought inside during cold winter.


This is beautiful bloom size plant and plant growth inside an 8”hanging basket pot size.


All plants will enclose detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 8”hanging basket pot size.