Epiphyllum “ Petey Kelly “ Variety [ Very Fragrant ]

[Registration Number: 09980,In 1980 by Hawks nursery and hybridized by Wressey Cocke. It’s a cross of “ Naranja - JHSN self cross.


Petey Kelly Variety flowers has a medium bloomer 4”-5” wide open last for 2-3 days, flowers start buds in March until April.Flowers has double layer of petals in golden- orange color, narrow pointed outer petals.Inner petals solid yellow, narrow pointed petals.Petey Kelly flowers has strong fragrant like citrus, fast growing and grow well in hanging basket pot. It’s easy to take care similar like most of any epiphyllum hybrids.This variety is the best for collection for gardener who have a passion for orchid cactus. 


This is beautiful bloom size plant. And plant growth inside an 8” hanging basket pot size.


All plants will include detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 8” hanging basket.