Epiphyllum "Pegasus" Hybrid[ BLOOM SIZE PLANT IN 12"HANGING BASKET ]

Registration Number: 05719 by Coolidge in 1949. A beautiful addition to your Epi collection. 


The "Pegasus" has extra large flowers that start to bud in April until late summer. Flowers will bloom to approximately 7" - 8" wide and will stay open for 3-4 days. These flowers bloom in bright fuschia and lavendar with a golden orange mid-stripe. Outer petals are long and narrow with a ribbony and pointed texture. Grows fast and does well in a hanging pot. Partial sun is perfect. Light watering once a week from March-October and November-February. Let plant rest but make sure soil does not completely dry out. 


All plants include detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 12" hanging basket.