Epiphyllum "King's Ransom" Variety [ PLANT IN BLOOMING ]


 Registration Number : 9747, Hybridized by Phyliss Flechsig.] It's a cross of "Pistachio "X " Reward"


The "King's Ransom" flowers offer an excellent, extra-large bloom with outer petals in a dark brown with a yellow orange mid-strip and pointed narrow petals. The inner petals are solid yellow. It's a very popular variety. Flowers start to bud some time in March, blooming in late April or early May. Partial sun is perfect. Light watering once a week from March-October and November-February. Let plant rest but make sure soil does not completely dry out. 


Box size = 24"L x 10"H x 10"W = 8 lbs.


All plants include detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 8" hanging basket.