Epiphyllum "Elmira Paetz" Variety [ BLOOM SIZE PLANT AND FRAGRANT! ]


 Registration Number: 12820, Cultivation from Savannah or Light Woods. Hybridized by Helmet Paetzold. 


The "Elmire Paetz" offers small pink flowers in wheel shaped, narrow and pointed petals with light green-yellow outer petals. Flower blooms for 2-3 days and are very fragrant. Plant can take up to 3 years to produce flowers for the first time. Partial sun is perfect. Light watering once a week from March-October and November-February. Let plant rest but make sure soil does not completely dry out.


This is beautiful bloom size plant and plant growth inside an 8"hanging basket pot size. 


All plants will enclose detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 8" hanging basket pot side.