Epiphyllum “ Dragon Heart “ Variety [ BLOOM SIZE PLANT ]


Registration Number:12478, Hybridize By Gerry Mattijetz 1999.It’s a cross of “ Terry F. Palmer” X “ Hurst Nursery “It’s Gorgeous and very popular variety to adding into your collection.


Another exotic variety Dragon Heart is has a large flowers bloomer in light orange with purple-hot pink edge, narrow and pointed, double loose, outer and inner petals.Flowers last open for 2-3days.Dragon Heart is flat growth and growth well in hanging basket pot. Epiphyllum Dragon Heart variety plant is take up 3-4 years to produce the flowers for the first time bloom depending on conditions how you take care of your Dragon Heart variety.Partial sun is prefect,Dragon Heart variety is fast growth and is easy to take care similar like most of any epiphyllum hybrid.


This’s a gorgeous and exotic beauty variety, it's a bloom size plant and plant  growth  inside an 8” hanging basket pot size.


All plants enclose detailed care instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 8" hanging basket pot size.