Epiphyllum “ ARLENE “ Variety [ PLANT IN BLOOMING ]


Registration Number: 10994 ,Hybridized By Wressey Cocke in 1991,It’s a cross of "Royce X Ackermannii - Macranthus". Very gorgeous to add into your ’Epi Lover’ collection 


Epiphyllum Arlene Variety has a large flowers bloomer between 7”-8” wide open, last for 3-4 days.Flowers start buds in March, bloomer late April or early May.Outer petals flowers bloom in light orange with light yellow mid-stripe, inner petals rhodamine pink edge with slight orange overcast blending into throat.Epiphyllum Arlene Variety is fast growth, growing well in hanging basket pot size.It’s easy to take care similar like most of any epiphyllum hybrids.Most of epiphyllum hybrids plants take up between 3-5 years to produce the flowers for first time blooms.Partial sun is perfect, stems can be growth between 3’-6’long, watering once a week from March-October and November-February let plant rest but make sure soil not completely dry out.Temperature minimum 45 degrees plant should be cover or brought inside during cold winter.This variety is popular for collection for gardener who have a passion for orchid cactus.


All plants include detailed instructions on how I care for each plant. And plant will be shipped inside an 8”hanging basket.