Epiphyllum “ Acapulco  Sunset “ Hybrid 


[ Registration Number: 0677 By John & Betty Cox 1969, Hybridizer By Nelson Ross rare, beautiful, very popular variety and worth  valued for add into your collection. Another exotic Acapulco Sunset variety has a extra-large flower bloomer with golden-yellow inner with light to dark shades of orange veining and throat veined in pinkish red. Outer petals bronze. Unique petals wide open form. Defiantly recommend add into your Epi collection.]



CUTTING 6"-8” 

All cuttings will enclose detailed care instructions on how I take care of each cutting.


  • Size range from 6"- 8" in length,Cuttings are from the mother plant.

    COMBINE SHIPPING: Shipping is $8.00 on the first cutting, and $.50 for each additional cutting. Complete your order then request for total and I will send you an invoice with the combine shipping. Orders will be shipped with USPS priority mail with tracking number. 

    No international shipping.

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