Chitra's Orchid Cactus

Hello, my name is Chitra Davis. I have been raising orchid cactuses for over 10 years. Collecting and raising orchid cactus is my biggest hobby and passion in my life. I sell some of my plants when the mother plant growth becomes to big. Then, I trim down the mother for re-growth in the hope these plants can bring as much joy into your life as they bring into mine.


And also as it allows me to collect even more plants. Over the years, I have collected many unusual, extremely rare and hard to find varieties, hybrids and species of orchid cactuses and have learned how to get these varieties hybrids to thrive and bloom. I now can offer these orchid cactus for you to purchase. 

I believe that I offer a product that is different than others offered on the online order or by most nurseries. I do not sell any plants until I have identified them positively. I wait until the plants has flowered and only then sell plants that are produced from mother plants. I have had bad experience in the past buying plants cutting from other sources. only years later do I find out that the plant is not what I thought I had bought. This will never occur from plants bought from me as I have positively identified the mother plant after it blooms and only then do I collect the cuttings to produce the plants that I sell. 

I include images of the actual plant in all product descriptions so you can rest assure what you receive matches exactly what you purchased. I have been selling my plants for 5 years. Over that time, I have cultivated a loyal followings of repeat buyers, people who purchase my products knowing they will be happy with the plants they purchase from me. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you, and most of all I hope you can enjoy my plants as much as I do. 

A portion of all sales benefits a local charity. Thank you for purchasing from Chitra's Orchid Cactus.